More Than 77, 000 Iraqis Killed in 5 Years – US Military

The United States military come up with its own death toll tally, which it called “the most extensive” figures, on Thursday showing that more than 77, 000 innocent civilians and Iraqi military personnel were killed in the first five years of war – a death toll that falls well below recent figures released by the Iraqi government.

From the early days of Iraq War in 2004 to mid-2008, the death toll among Iraqi civilians and military personnel reached  77, 000, the US military said.

But Iraqi Human Rights Ministry said that the US military figures fell short of the “real score,” saying that death toll had reached at least 85, 694 – the bloodiest sectarian warfare in the country’s history.

Many Iraqi officials believe that the latest data released by the US military was part of the overall propaganda plan to tone down political conflicts and to sway American public’s sentiments over the hotly disputed US-Iraq war.

Meanwhile, the US military stood by its data, refusing to release comments of explanation on how they gathered the “comprehensive” figures.

Based on the documents acquired, at least 76, 939 Iraqi security officials and more than 121, 649 civilians were wound during the said period; while some 3, 952 American and allied forces were killed.

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