Hanoi Celebrates First Millennia

With an aim to move forward from its relatively dark history, the once war-ravaged city of Hanoi, Vietnam celebrated its first millennia founding anniversary on Sunday with more than 30, 000 people joining the biggest marching parade in the country’s history.

Led by brigades of soldiers and colorful dragon dancers, more than 30, 000 Vietnamese showed pride for the 1, 000th founding anniversary of Hanoi, with huge Vietnamese and Communist Party colors draped in the background.

The long marching parade started in the historic Ba Dinh Square, where the Vietnam’s late President Ho Chi Minh announced the declaration of independence from the French some 65 years ago.

The massive granite mausoleum, which was built to commemorate the late Communist president, provided the background for the parade.

In 1010, King Ly Thai To has ordered to move the country’s capital from some 62 miles north to Hanoi, formerly called Thang Long.

In his speech during the celebration march, Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet said that “the city has experienced numerous ups and downs over its 1, 000-year history, maintaining its proud nature and assured its honorable posture, which makes it deserve to be the heart of Vietnam.”

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