China Cancels Meeting with Norway after Nobel Peace Prize on Chinese Dissident

Political tension between China and Norway heightened after Beijing issued a warning against the Norwegians following the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to an imprisoned Chinese democracy campaigner.

In a statement, Norway announced that China has called off the scheduled meeting with its Ministry of Fisheries days after it has announced that 54-year-old Liu Xiaobo has won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

The imprisoned Chinese democratic figure was allowed to briefly meet with his wife during the bestowing of the awards, which he dedicated to the “lost souls” of the 1989 military crackdown against student demonstrators.

Liu is now in his second year behind bars, serving an 11-year prison terms for crimes of “subversion.”

According to the Norwegian government, Beijing has reacted angrily with the Nobel Peace Prize award against to what it considers as a “criminal.” China has even warned Norway that honoring Liu could put diplomatic relationship of both countries into heavy stress.

Norwegian Fisheries and Coastal Affairs Minister Lisbeth Berg-Hansen, who arrived in China on Monday to witness the weeklong World Expo in Shanghai, said that the reason behind the cancellation was still uncertain.

The Nobel Committee, who is in charge of nominating and judging for the awards, was an independent organization.

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