Chilean Miners Rescued After 69 Days

After being trapped inside a mine for some 69 days, Chilean miners on Wednesday were rescued one by one using a capsule as their families and friends greeted them with cheers and embraces.

Months of preparation finally ended with a loud cheer from the crowd gathered outside the mouth of the mine as Florencio Avalos, the first miner to be rescued, resurfaced after more than three months ordeal.

So far, authorities were able to rescue at least 15 miners using a capsule like device dropped directly to their location half a mile beneath the earth’s surface.

Chilean authorities, who were keeping lowering and pulling of the capsule at a methodical pace, said that the rescue operation is on track and would be completed before the sun rises on Thursday.

They added that the rescue capsule used up and down the 2, 041-foot escape shaft was not rotating as expected, allowing faster trips – each miner was rescued under 39-minute interval.

The rescue of the 33 miners were believed to be a miracle since no one in recorded history ever survived after being trapped underground for a long period of time.

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